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About Off The Ledge

“The team is always professional in everything they do. I have no hesitation in recommending their services.”

Mervyn Ogilvie - Colliers International

Off The Ledge  was amongst a small pioneering group of companies who first introduced abseiling into NZ

Since 1997  they have developed, improved and provided a cutting edge response to all height related service needs.

Off The Ledge is proud to be a part of the height access service industry in NZ.

We are proud of each of our employees, all of  whom make this company great!

We are proud to serve the clients we have built relationship with over many years.

We are even proud of our suppliers who have delivered us with quality goods over years .

We are even proud of our competitors who are largely our friends also!

100% Safety Record

Constant Workplace Monitoring

No Subcontractors

Specialist Trades Expertise

All Staff Industry Certified

ACC Secondary Accreditation

Annual Independent H&S Audit

100% NZ Owned and Operated

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“Their team has been most helpful, obliging and are happy in their work. They are extremely easy to work with"

Carolyn and Leon Mudford - Burnham House Ltd

Peter Howcroft

Director & Founder

Peter has been working at height longer than rope access was a "new" concept.
He personally developed techniques to improve work site efficiency, and puts a large emphasis on continual up-skilling and retraining. Always looking out for the next cutting edge technology or skill to improve.
Workplace culture is paramount to Pete. He considers team morale as the ultimate bottom line of the business (and has a lot of fun in attempting to see that established!)

Joseph Howcroft

General Manager

Joseph joined the Off The Ledge team in 2003, and was quickly recognised as a motivated and energised worker.
In 2010 he took on a new role of management and has over the past decade grown the company from a staff of 10 to now over 30 employees
Now, he is still at the forefront of the business, overseeing all apsects of the companies daily management procedures.
Off The Ledge has seen massive growth since Joseph has taken on this role, as he is passionate about the work,
the team, and every job right down to the smallest detail.

Carl Skelton

Estimator and Remedial Overseer

Carl has been a dedicated member of the Off The Ledge team since joining in 2003. After spending over a decade working on rope himself, knowing each building in the Auckland skyline, his expert knowledge in all areas of workplace management has given him a huge advantage in accurate quoting.
Carl is also the Overseer for the rapidly growing Remedial team.
His understanding of workplace hazards and task analysis has enabled him to produce quotes that are cost effective, and also comprehensive in health and
safety management.

Joshua Grant

Office Manager

Joshua joined Off The Ledge in 2011 and spent years on rope as a top crew member and team leader and then progressed to the role of company training manager and a valuable team mentor
Joshua has started as assistant Office manager 2019 and brought his expert workplace knowledge into helping facilitate work operations.
In 2022 he took on a new role of office manager scheduling and overseeing all work

Jared Farr

Operations Manager

Jared joined Off The ledge in 2012 .
He spent a decade on rope working in crews and in later years staff trainer ,mentor and senior team leader.
In 2022 he transitioned into management as our onsite operations manager monitoring each job and ensuring that all Health and safety protocol is carefully observed.

Harrison Young

Company Estimator/Systems Development Manager

Harry joined Off The Ledge in 2016.
He spent his first two years building washing, window cleaning and supervising crews before moving into painting, sealant and glazing repairs for two years.
In 2020, he stepped back to a casual/part-time role to complete a bachelors of commerce degree, majored accounting and information systems and a minor in commercial law.
In July 2023, Harry has returned full-time as our Systems Development Manager.

Nancy Yao

Accounts Manager

Nancy joined Off the Ledge way back around 2005 and has bought skill and expertise to the company in managing all aspects of the accounting.

John Lytle

Warehouse Asset Manager

Michiel Kluge

Senior Rope Access Maintenance Crew Member and Anchor Development

Manuel Wikitera

Training Manager

Joseph Peterson

Ground Crew Supervisor

Max Hill

Senior Rope Access Maintenance Crew Member and Supervisor

Aaron Oh

Senior Rope Access Crew Member and Supervisor

Samuel Garcia

Senior Rope Access Maintenance Crew Member and Supervisor

Daniel Aranda

Senior Rope Access Maintenance Crew Member and Supervisor

Spencer Graham

Rope Access Supervisor

Jacob Johnson

Rope Access Supervisor

Icaro Pita

Rope Access Supervisor

Trent Porter

Rope Access Maintenance Crew Member

Sam Harris

Senior Rope Access Maintenance Crew Member

Pierre Johnson

Rope Access Supervisor

Michael Johnson

Rope Access Operator

Jake Clark

Rope Access Supervisor

Paolo Johnson

Rope Access Operator

Caleb Peers

Rope Access Operator

Francisco Gonzalez

Rope Access Operator

Jacob (Jay) Felipe

Rope Access Operator

Matteo Guisi

Ground Crew Operator

Cameron Dash

Rope Access Trainee

Lewis Yeatman

Ground Crew Trainee

Manuel (Manu) Cladera

Ground Crew Trainee

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Company Culture

Off The Ledge is known for it's company culture of honour and respect.
We have people tell us that they would love to join the company, if only they didn't have to work at height!
We joke that like "Hotel California" that "you can check out anytime but you can never leave!"
There is a strong brotherhood bond when you hang with your teammate for 8 hours a day on nothing more than two 11mm ropes .

The team not only enjoys one another on the face of buildings.
Whether it is their daily dart competitions, weekend surfing trips, or the annual snowboarding Christmas trip to Cardrona, it is a high energy culture that daily celebrates the gift of life!

Our hope is that our crews will not only provide a great trade service for you, but free of charge, may brighten up your day