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Building Washing

Off The Ledge Ltd understands exterior cladding and has had decades of experience cleaning many different surfaces. Every building is different and therefore there are complex issues to consider before attempting to clean building exteriors. Off The Ledge offers a complimentary consultancy service to help you decide on the most appropriate cleaning method for your building. Our obligation-free quotes identify specific options for you to consider.

Chemical Wash - Eco Friendly

If your building has a green or black stained appearance, it is affected by algae or moss. To treat this, we use a biodegradable, environmentally friendly product. To apply this, we use a purpose-built chemical applicator to get maximum coverage. The chemical is progressively effective over days and weeks following. This is an ideal solution for most buildings.

Water Blasting

Over the years, Off The Ledge has developed an approach to water blasting that minimises the risk of water entry and paint loss. We are confident that our methodology has allowed for no building damage. We recommend that every building needs an annual clean to be washed free of dirt and grime, to look its best but most importantly to avoid paint tarnishing from a constant dirty exterior.

No Sub-Contractors

Off The Ledge Ltd do not use sub-contractors to perform building wash work, the reason for this is that my having our own staff, we can completely trust that our intensive training will clean your building to the highest standard. Our staff are well aware of how to avoid property damage, especially as most buildings are very sensitive to water entry.

Delicate Surfaces

Our solution for delicate and alternative surfaces would be use a low pressure wash: It is particularly useful for minimising water entry into interior.

Restoration Cleans

Sometimes building surfaces can accumulate a thick grime surface often resulting in paint being tarnished. We have a lot of success in these restorative cleans.
Particularly,aluminum and metal panels can suffer tarnishing and we are well able to provide quotes for this type of work.

Aluminium Panel Polish

Most alupanel systems are easily damaged and scratch easily. We offer a non abrasive polish method to care for this cladding.

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