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Exterior Building Report

Architects, engineers,Property owners and building managers are often frustrated by not being able to get accurate visual insight on their buildings condition.
Off The Ledge have provided very specific reports to a wide range of clients carefully identifying strategic detail.

Complimentary Report With Service

This valuable resource is complimentary with any and every service provided!

Possible Problems Discovered From Exterior Building Reports

Rebar corrosion with resulting cracks and damage to exterior cladding
Expansion joints in precast concrete slabs breaking down and needing replacing
Cracks and holes in any type of cladding
Window joinery and window rubber seals perishing
Rooftop and gutters needing inspection
Paintwork inspections
Broken or cracked windows.
Flashings loose, rusted or damaged.
Architectural features on older buildings loose or in danger of falling off.
Cornices made out of Polystyrene taking in water and in danger of falling.

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