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Pest and Pigeon Control

There's nothing worse than pigeon debris ruining a fantastic paint job, or sparkling clean windows. Nor are the dusty, dirty webs of spiders attractive (unless you are part of the Adams family!)

Pigeon and Bird Deterring Systems

Pigeons are a great nuisance and carry diseases. Their droppings are caustic and can destroy the exterior surface of most buildings. This then creates an expensive clean up job and is generally needed to be programmed as regular maintenance.

We are able to help you decide on the most appropriate and cost effective means to deter the birds from gathering and landing on your building. Whether it is a very small specific area, such as random cornices and entryways, or larger areas like ledges or whole sides of buildings. We provide you with a free quote, clean and sanitise the area and then install the bird deterring system before waste re accumulates.

Spider Treatments

Spiders seem to favour some buildings and are difficult to get rid of. Where others spray and clean, and the spiders reemerge after 48 hours, we spray into the window joinery killing the adult spiders and their eggs. We also spray 2m section at the base of your building to limit the spiders vertical ascent up your building.

The spider kill product we use is generally regarded as the best available on the market. It is very effective and we have found spiders are deterred from returning into the many nooks and crannies on a building exterior for up to 12 months from application.

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