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Water Leaks

Water leaks have become an unfortunate reality for property owners over the past decade, especially in Auckland. Water is a problem for two reasons; Firstly it causes problems for the individual owner if there is a water leak, and secondly, it damages the buildings infrastructure which is a larger expense than finding and treating water damage.

Water can enter a building in the most hidden manner. It is often a difficult process to identify the exact point of water entry but Off The Ledge's extensive history in this service has given us the experience to successfully find existing and threatening water leaks and damages to your building.

Water Entry

There are a number of ways that water leaks into both residential and commercial properties that we often repair. Once fixed, we can then also find the reason for the water entry

Infrastructure Reports and Problem Solving

We can prepare you a report, complete with digital photos, outlining damage to the exterior building infrastructure.

If there is nothing obvious to indicate water entry, we can begin a search looking for possible building defects allowing water to enter. This is always a process of elimination.

Further Remedial Repair

We can help you decide on the best method of remedial repair once we have identified the problem. We will advise you if the repair needed is outside the scope of our expertise.

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