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Silicon & Expansion Joint Repairs

Auckland has an unfortunate history of badly built structures being prone to water entry. Even well constructed buildings have a limited life span with their expansion joints and silicone window joinery. Over time silicone will suffer UV degradation. Currently there is a strong demand for our silicone and expansion joinery service.

Prevention is always better and cheaper than a cure. Off the Ledge can assist in your decision making by carrying out a preliminary report which will provide you with photographs and information regarding the condition of silicone in your building.

Prevention is always cheaper than a cure. Our service creates a weatherproof building, ensures its structural longevity, and eliminates concerns about heath and safety liabilities.

Off The Ledge has many references available for all types of Silicone repair work.
We have over the past few years carried out major projects that have been completed on time, within budget ,and completely hassle free for building management and Body corporate committees.

Silicone Services methodology

Silicone repair to concrete control joints.
We ensure that all major work undertaken is first inspected by a representative from a Silicone manufacturing company.
A written report is provided specifying an exact product and appropriate methodology.
Typically, we cut out the old deteriorated silicone and clean the old cavity spotlessly.
New backing rod lengths are positioned strategically to an exact and consistently measured depth allowing for the application of a smooth bead of silicone into the precast join cavity.

Silicone repair to all types of window joinery.

Skilled Professionals

Our exclusive remedial team focus on specific skills to ensure they are the best in their field. We intensively train our team in efficiency and effectiveness of silicone joinery.

Detailed Exterior Reports

The report provided with regard to the exterior is comprehensive. Any problem areas are photographed and documented so that the client can make an informed decision as to the solution that is best suited.

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